A Right Royal Celebration

April 7, 2011
Royal Wedding Celebration at St Georges

Royal Wedding Celebration at St Georges

The Royal Wedding on the 29th April, being shown live on TV is expected to be one of the most watched occasions in history.

Now I’m sure your invitation was probably lost in the post, but don’t worry you can still get a front row view of the Royal Wedding in our Conwy Suite.

The TV coverage starts from 10.30am so come in and get yourself comfortable for the whole pre wedding build up and royal wedding ceremony.

Then as the celebration continues throughout early afternoon enjoy a lovely lunch whilst watching the full TV coverage.

Finish the afternoon in regal style by watching the post wedding analysis whilst enjoying our very special Royal Wedding Cream Tea.

St George’s Lounge Menu (pdf)

For more information please call 01492 877544 or email sales@stgeorgeswales.co.uk

Visit our website for our range of very special royal wedding packages



One comment

  1. What an event this was. I live in Margaret River Western Australia and we even had full coverage on Channel 7 of the wedding, even the week build up to it. I think the Royal Family did the nation proud and it was amazing to see the huge crowds lining the streets. What a comprehensive menue you have at St Greorge, great you have some South Australian wines from Berri, how about giving some ago from Margaret River?

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