St Georges Dream Clean Team

April 13, 2010
Housekeeping Dream Clean Team

Housekeeping Dream Clean Team

The Housekeeping Team is a department that is absolutely vital in the success of a hotel but is often overlooked…well not here!

St George’s hotel is proud to promote its Dream Clean Team, a highly trained selection of professional ladies and men who totally underpin the total cleanliness, hygiene and success of the whole hotel.

Never has a group of such hard working, motivated and attractive people been mustered to for fill such an important and vital role, until now – may we present St George’s ultimate Dream Clean Team.

Apart from appearing in this photo, the housekeeping squad normally work with stealth and efficiency at their side, only becoming visible to guests when needed or indeed requested.

The only mark of Dream Clean Team ‘hit’ is an immaculately clean bedroom, flawlessly pressed linen, perfectly placed toiletries and a faint smell of vanilla.

To witness the exceptional abilities of our Dream Clean Team why not stay at St Georges Hotel on one of our many special rates.

Contact our Reservation Manager Fiona on 01492 862174 or email reservations@stgeorgeswales.co.uk to check availability.

Our latest special accommodations can be found at www.stgeorgeswales.co.uk


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